UK Sees Record Number of First TIme Central Heating Installations in history

What’s the Central Heating System?

For a long time, people in Britain have been putting in lots of new central heating systems. They did it in the past, and they’re still doing it today. In England and Wales, people mostly use gas central heating. But, in areas without gas, like some rural places and central London, people use different heating systems. They have oil, direct electric heating, renewables, and heat networks.

In these areas, there’s a lot of new stuff happening with renewable heating. But, many homes use direct electric heating. This can cost a lot and is often connected to fuel poverty. Central heating is the key to keeping your home consistently comfortable. It ensures a pleasant temperature and shields you and your family from harsh winter cold. Beyond health benefits, central heating also cuts energy costs. A well-insulated home with central heating can save you up to £300 annually on energy bills. Moreover, the government provides First Time Central Heating Grants to homeowners and private tenants.

Advantages of Getting a New Central Heating System

Opting for a new central heating system comes with a range of benefits:

1. Enhanced Comfort: First, enjoy the steady warmth and comfort of your home.

2. Savings on Energy Bills: Next, up-to-date systems are highly energy-efficient. What’s more, they result in substantial savings on your energy expenditures.

3. Increased Property Value: Additionally, a central heating system increases property value.

4. Extended Lifespan:  What’s more, the new systems are more resilient and durable. Also, they reduce the frequency of necessary repairs and replacements.

5. Enhanced Air Quality: Truly, a new system can effectively filter out pollutants.  On top of that, this particularly benefits individuals with allergies or asthma. 

6. Environmental Impact:  Finally, a new central heating system actively contributes to environmental sustainability.

What Are Central Heating Grants?

Central heating grants from the British government help for installing or replacing boilers. Moreover, you can get radiators in your home if there is a gas connection. Further, its purpose is to aid those facing financial struggles.  Or they need extra support in cold seasons. So whether you seek a new installation or replacement, eligibility criteria may differ. Generally, it considers household size, income, and fuel type.

 Now, let’s take a quick look at first-time central heating grants. What are they? Truly, these grants help to install or upgrade central heating systems. Also, the government wants to support households to be energy-sufficient. As a result, the grants work for both new installations and replacements.

No doubt, installing first-time central heating can be tricky. So knowing how long it takes is crucial. Generally, consider factors like the system type, home size, and gas or electric lines. Typically, it takes about a week for a new system, including paperwork.

What’s there in Central Heating Grants?

First Time Central Heating Grants support the following heating systems:

  • Mains Gas Boiler
  • Biomass Boiler
  • LPG Boiler
  • Air Source Heat Pump
  • Ground Source Heat Pump
  • Electric Boiler

However, the most popular and frequently issued heating systems include condensing gas boilers. Next, there are air-source heat pumps. 

Under First-Time Central Heating Grants you can get A-rated condensing gas boilers. What’s more, it may also provide thermostatic control valves and recommended components. Further, First-Time Central Heating Grants may cover the cost of installing the central heating boiler radiators, pipework, and heating control systems.

First-Time Central Heating Grants and ECO4 Scheme

First Time Central Heating Grants (FTCH) is part of the ECO4 Scheme, aiming to reduce Fuel Poverty. The ECO4 scheme supports the installation of energy-efficient central heating systems in homes. The scheme aims to enhance energy efficiency.

To qualify for a grant under ECO4, you need to meet specific criteria, including:

 You must be the property owner or occupier where central heating will be installed. Furthermore, your property must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D or below.

If eligible for the ECO4 Scheme, totally a new central heating would be installed at your property. The grant amount depends on your individual circumstances.


A central heating system is a need of every household in the UK. Moreover, upgrading to a new central heating system brings benefits. These include enhanced comfort, energy bill savings, increased property value, and environmental impact. Further, the advantages make it a worthwhile investment. First-Time Central Heating Grants under the ECO4 Scheme, support energy-efficient system installation. They aim to reduce fuel poverty. Both homeowners and private tenants are eligible to apply.